How to set up Crossbox with custom subdomain?


I set up my first email and test by login from directAdmin. Now, how to login to the webmail (Crossbox or Rainloop) from showing “Apache is functioning normally”.


You’d want to use webmail.yourdomain.tld as opposed to mail. The mail subdomain is for SMTP/IMAP/POP, while the webmail subdomain is for the other.

I want to access the emails from web by my domain Cname. Crossbox awesome, how to access with subdomain?

Your question kind of doesn’t make sense as it is written, so I am going to translate it like this … I want to access Crossbox with a custom subdomain such as email.mydomain.tld.

To do this you need to create an email account in DA for the user admin@. Once you have done that you can log into Crossbox at with the admin@ account and set up with they call ‘branding’ under their admin link. You will also need to set an A or CNAME record pointing to the crossbox server.

I created point to , but when I open webmail it saying “That host is not allowed”!

I can not find “branding”, or my account is not allowed to do this. Is the tutorial for this?

@marvix It sounds as though you’ve ‘put the horse before the cart’. You need to log in to Crossbox at, access the branding settings, have them go live (Crossbox will send you an email) and THEN you can add the CNAME record.

Can you come to please???

It is under the ‘Administration’ menu.

You are logging in with the email account for admin@ yourdomain.tld, correct??