How to set up automated emails?

Hello MXroute community,

we recently switched to MXroute because we had issues with the deliverability of our automated emails (order, delivery, sign-up, password recovery etc.). I am trying to figure out how to set those up with the service but I haven’t been able to do so yet.

How can we set up the automated emails?

Welcome! I hope to make those deliverability concerns a thing of the past, and that’s what I’ve really spent the most time and money on.

Basically you’d create an email address on our server and then set up the SMTP information in your software so that it sends the emails through us. The latter part of that I may not be able to advise on too specifically, but I can get you all of the pieces you need to do it.

Once you sign up you get an email titled “Important Account Information” that has the SMTP server name, control panel username/pass, and the DNS settings you need to add to your DNS host. If you have any trouble finding that email, you can find a copy of it here:
(A few people maliciously reported this email as spam to Gmail and Hotmail, so it sadly lands in spam folders sometimes)

With that information in hand, I have a few tutorials I’ve written here:

I wrote those tutorials from the bottom up, so while they each stand on their own it could be beneficial to read them in that order if you’re completely uncertain of how to use the product.

Once you’ve gone through at least these tutorials you should know your email account, password, and SMTP server (which was specified in that email mentioned above):

With email, password, and SMTP server in hand you should have what you need to configure your software. It may ask for port/SSL settings as well, which you should also have from that “Important Account Information” email but I’ll reiterate here:

25 - Plain / non-SSL
465 - SSL

Thank you for the detailed explanation. We will try to follow it and respond with any problems - if we experience any.