How to delete default email account?

How do I remove the initial email account that was automatically created? I’ve created my proper email account, but the “Delete” option is disabled when I select the auto-created one: Shot 2020-11-23 at 12.57.44 PM.png?dl=0

I want to delete it and make my proper email account the default.

You don’t. It’s a little misleading in how it displays for our purpose. The short version is that it’s easiest to say “It’s just a cosmetic oddity, ignore it.” But the longer explanation is that it actually has a deeper purpose that can sometimes play out in more advanced use cases, and would exist whether displayed there or not.

It might make more sense if instead of “username@yourdomain.tld” it said “” because that’s actually what it is, it’s the unix system account that houses your data. Sort of like how each user on a Windows computer has it’s own Documents, Downloads, etc folders in a user folder. That’s your account on our Linux system and it owns all of your files.

Ok, thanks for the explanation. it definitely is not intuitive. Since there’s nothing that users can actually do with it, it might even be best to hide it completely.

There actually are scenarios where users interact with it, but I agree we still have a lot of growth to do in terms of UX.