How do I use a domain that doesn't end in .com

I have a purchased a domain for an educational institution that is specific for my country but while I was trying to get a plan in MXroute it didn’t work. It kept giving this message when I entered the domain name: " invalid domain name provided". How do I get it to work please? The tld I’m using is which is mostly the tld for schools in my country. Thank you

The billing software used by MXRoute and many other internet providers is extremely lacking in the domain TLD’s that it natively supports. This said, @Jarland will need to add the domain to WHMCS manually.

For anyone else facing this issue, just post in this thread with the TLD in question and mention @Jarland who will see that it is added.

Or, if you do not wish to wait - you can use a ‘placeholder’ domain. For example if your domain is you could use to bypass this issue. This will have absolutely NO affect on your service as it is only used for billing purposes.