How can I set up mail accounts for subdomains of my domain?

I have MXroute up and running great for my domain ( DNS configuration is fine and mail works for the 4-5 accounts I’ve created for the domain.

I’m interested in creating a mail account for a subdomain of my domain ( Is this possible? I’ve explored adding it as a subdomain in the administrative interface, but it’s not clear if I need to alter/add DNS records to Cloudflare or make any other changes in order to begin creating working mail accounts.


So what you’d want to do is ignore any subdomain interface and actually add it as a full domain, this will ensure that DKIM keys are generated for it.

After that yeah, just set up DNS relative to the change. If your host record before was “@” then it’s “app” now for the subdomain, for example.

Different DNS providers do it differently but there’s always two parts to your base DNS. The part before, and the zone. The zone is, and what you’re adding on top of it is app. Some DNS editors string it all together so that a DNS record at the root of the zone is actually named “” while some just use an “@” symbol to reference it. Relative to your DNS editor is how you’d make the change, the former being “” and the latter merely being “app” instead. Get it backwards and you’ll end up with “”