How can I backup my whole account?

Hi everyone!

I have multiple domains in my account, how can I do backup for the whole account (all its domain, all the email accounts for each domain)?

I want to do a daily backup of my whole account (let’s say I have 15 domain and each domain have 30 emails), is this possible?

Hey friend!

Currently there is no way for you to do a full backup within our interface, but there are a lot of solutions out there for backing up email accounts. This looks a little old but might be a good start to get you looking at the right kind of software to do it:

This is backing up one email at a time right? And you would require to know the password of the email address before you can back it up. So if you have multiple users that uses their own password then you’re out of luck :frowning:

Is there any plan to add whole account or whole domain backup functionality in MXRoute?

So this can’t be done? Is there no way to backup your domains and all the emails in each domain in a way that you can use it to restore from a crash or at minimum to be able to use it to migrate to a different service later if needed?

There is this page on the control panel but it doesn’t do anything.

Correct. There are no plans at this time to offer a backup download function.

I’m still working on getting that backup manager plugin for DA to work how I want, but that interface would still only be intended for allowing you to restore backups that I have on file that have been made through the plugin.