Google Workspace Split Delivery

With the decision by Google to remove Legacy free G-Suite accounts, many MXroute clients have been asking about utilizing Split Delivery.

MXroute’s official stance can be found here in this article:

However, in spite of not having MXroute’s blessing a couple of users have discussed this at length on the Matrix chat. I will post images of those chats, for you to decipher. Best of luck.

Conversation 1

MXr-GS_01 MXr-GS_02 MXr-GS_03 MXr-GS_04 MXr-GS_05 MXr-GS_06 MXr-GS_07 MXr-GS_08

Conversation 2:

MXr-GS2_01 MXr-GS2_02 MXr-GS2_03a MXr-GS2_03b

Conversation 3:

MXr-Gmail split delivery 3