Gmail iOS app > add another account > IMAP > Attachments not showing

I don’t think this issue has anything to do with MXroute, rather Google and/or Apple but looking for anyone who may have experienced same issue or has creative suggestions for a work-around.

Issue is that client wants to use Gmail iOS app on iPhone with their existing Gmail account but add their MXroute hosted email account via Add another account and then input MXroute hosted email account IMAP settings. This works great and client can send/receive emails from Gmail iOS app from but when they receive attachments on their MXroute hosted email account, it just shows a blank screen with the file name of the attachment and “data” listed under the file name. I did some research and I think this is a known Google and/or Apple issue (see and

If I add the MXroute hosted email account into gmail and use POP3/SMTP settings, everything works fine but one mailbox is shared for both accounts which is not ideal for the client (can use labels to denote different accounts but somewhat clunky).

Has anyone else come across this or have any work-around ideas?

Thanks in advance!