Generate .mobileconfig for Apple Devices

Is it at all possible to generate .mobileconfig files users to automatically set up email accounts for Apple Devices?


While there’s nothing on our side which assist with that, it is absolutely possible for you to create these. Building a generator on our side would be cool though, something for me to think on.

I found this cool API that you can post the data to, and it’ll generate mobileconfig links for you:

They claim they don’t store the data, rather it seems like it’s stored in the URL that you give which then generates it dynamically in real time. Makes sense, interesting concept, can’t vouch for them.

Thank you so much. This is much easier than manually editing an existing .mobileconfig file from another account in a text editor :smile:. It looks there’s a web interface in addition to the API.

It’s unfortunate that DirectAdmin doesn’t offer this feature like CPanel does. I do think making something on your side – or even just adding a page about this site to the documentation would be very helpful to other users.

If you’re trying to set up an email account for someone else on their iPhone/Mac, having a .mobileconfig file and walking them through that is much easier than typing in server info manually.

Is there other tools available to setup config files for mac mail, outlook and android devices?

I signed up for the reseller plan a few months ago, and my older generation customers struggle with setup.

I would like to create config files like this and send them accross.
Never used anything like this before.

Thanks for sharing.
Anymore tools, please share :slight_smile:

You can fill out the form with your email address and server details at to create a .mobileconfig file to configure the Apple Mail app on iPhones, iPads, and Macos.