Filters to delete spam / send to spam folder

Hi there,

I’ve been receiving quite a lot of spam since moving my account over. I have been setting up filters in webmail - first Roundcube, then Crossbox - to delete various words in ‘from’ or ‘subject’ but these seem not to work unless I’m logged in to the webmail program. And as I use email as often on my tablet or phone as my computer, using the Apple Mail’s spam is also not an ideal solution.

Does anybody have a recommendation for a way to set up filters to send to spam as it comes in?

I have Spam Assassin set up and set at 5.

Thanks for the help.

Assuming you’re on a newer server (running DirectAdmin): If Spamassassin is turned on/set to move spam to spam folder, you can also add blacklist entries, and you can add Sieve filters (managesieve) in Roundcube settings. (Sieve works server side and rules are processed independent of you being logged in using RoundCube or somenother client.)

The filters in Roundcube (Settings > Filters) are persistent server-side filters. The ones in Crossbox are just for the email client (similar to ones you might do in an external mail app). You can also gain some wider control from Spamassassin settings and Spam Filters in DirectAdmin.

We’ve mostly given in to repeat customer requests to just let most spam through by default and then let you choose how to handle it, so by default it might be a bit overwhelming for some, as some people receive spam to much higher degrees than others.

Thanks to you both for your very helpful answers! As my email address has been pwned multiple times, it seems that these sorts of filters are the only way to stop a lot of rubbish coming in.