Emails not showing in inbox

Hi MX Route team,

I had some emails in my inbox, but they seem to have disappeared. I looked in my trash, but that’s empty too. Strangely the only folder with content still in it is my Junk folder. I suppose I could have accidentally done it myself, but I swear I don’t think I did.

Meanwhile on mobile it says I have 10 emails in my inbox, and now I have nothing. To test, I sent myself an email, and it was there for a second and then it disappeared. Nothing stays in my inbox. I’m using to access. Ideas? Where are my emails disappearing to?

Okay, this happened right after I input my information into my WHMCS install for a POP3 email piping.

Could WHMCS have wiped my email account clean?

Indeed. POP3 usually reads and deletes by default.

I don’t use WHMCS so can’t specifically advise with it, but usually there is an option that you can change.