Emails not going out from

Hi Jarland,

Just letting you know that when logged in from, I hit compose, try to send an email and it never goes out. This has happened to me a lot. I’m able to send by logging into Raincube, but it doesn’t work from mxlogin.

I can send you a video of the process if you’d like.


Sure, send me what you can to that can help me to see it through your eyes.

I’m unaware of any issues there. Any chance browser extensions may be causing a conflict?

You where right it was a browser extension soon as I disabled all the privacy blocking extensions it worked without a hitch.

Thanks Jarland! have a great one.

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Hi Jarland,

Was a solution found for this issue? My email seems to be acting the same I cannot send mail from crossbox ( but I can send from Roundcube or stmp/imap. On Crossbox the email never shows up in sent, but in Roundcube it is does.

My server is Echo.

Thanks for the great service.