Emails not arriving

Hello Jarland,

I have a customer ( I just switched to MXRoute. He is reporting that since switching, he is no longer receiving some very important emails he is expecting from suppliers:

Here are some of addresses that he was receiving daily emails from:

I just checked all mx settings and everything appears to be ok, anything I’m missing?

Happy to check on that for you.

The only one I can account for is the second one you mentioned, jorge.[censored].org. Their sending IP is blacklisted at Barracuda, and their email server should have responded to the emails they sent to alert them of this. If their server is not actively sending spam, they should have no problem getting the IP removed with a request here:

The other two I’m afraid I have no record of. I would have to defer to their IT departments to investigate where those emails are being sent to.

For privacy I have edited the emails to hide them from public view.