Emails aren’t received

I’m able to send & receiving emails from yesterday please help us.

I blocked the IP beginning with “136.” because it was literally DOS attacking exim with SMTP connection attempts (over 55000). I’ll remove it, but that can’t continue obviously :wink:

Sir i am facing same problem with other location, like some mail working proper but some mail having issue send receiving error.

If you’re using outdated email software, you should try setting them to non-SSL settings.

Please boss give us solution because my all mail stuck.:slight_smile:

What solution do you want me to give you? Have you tested webmail? I don’t even know what’s happening, I can’t troubleshoot “no workey.” That’s for your IT department to decipher.

yes we are using outlook, okk m trying

I’m not sure what to tell you about that. I can confirm all systems are functional and set to the exact specifications as before.


one more question when i open my server, showing this

non-ssl setting also not working
please help us

At this point I can only recommend that you reach out to your IT department.