Email sent to spam, but not in blacklist

An email was sent to my spam folder with 100 points added for the error below, but my spamassassin blacklist is empty. What else can cause this error?

100 USER_IN_BLACKLIST      From: address is in the user's black-list

Interesting as this is the third time I’ve heard this recently and likely will be the same, in response to filters I’d added years ago and likely cannot recall the event that led to it specifically. Let’s see if that is again the case. Do you see any matches on the blacklist near the top of this?

Look for the “blacklist_from” lines. Happy to make adjustments.

Yep, it was an email from that was blocked. That is on your list, which solves the mystery. If I add that to my whitelist will it override the filter you set up? If not, can we remove that domain from the list? It’s just some home decorating site that my mom is using to spam me with kitchen ideas.

Just checking back for a response…

Apologies for missing the reply. I’ve cut this blacklist item out now on the server.