Email lands in spam despite best practices?


So, I have set up my email a couple of days ago and achieved a 10/10 on the spam checker.

I have DKIM, DMARC, SPF set up. I have removed all images from my signature and I do not use this email from spam or newsletters. It shall be my main business email.

Are there any other aspects I need to consider and maybe other tools to check my email/domain or to troubleshoot?


Is it to Outlook/Office365, where pretty much everything goes to die? If so:

I think office 365 marking every email that come from outside of their network as spam… lol…

Thanks! I submitted them the email in question and lets see and hope. Funny that the email with “hello@…” goes straight to spam, but if I use “alex@…” it goes through without issues.

Well, if your email going to spam, try to open your office 365 email by browser, then mark your email as not spam & report it to microsoft. on theory this will help reduce false positive of spam.