Email filters not working?

Of recent days, I noticed that my email filters are no longer working.
I use an email warmup tool called outreach bin and have set it such that emails with “outreach bin” in the subject but not from sender “” will get filtered to trash


It’s been working well all along, until about 2-3 days ago. Since then, emails with “outreach bin” in the subject are consistently found in my inbox:


Is the email filter function problematic? I’ve opened a support ticket but not sure if I will receive a response as previous support tickets have been auto-closed without being replied to (just an auto-reply)

So hoping someone in the community may be able to help! TYVM!!

I didn’t much appreciate “previous support tickets have been auto-closed without being replied to (just an auto-reply)” since I hand typed replies to every one of your tickets.

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All personal replies hand typed by me. Reminds me of times where I used to type out really long and elaborate replies to tickets and customers would reply back with “Can you transfer my ticket to a human?” Not surprisingly I’d add a note to their account to never spend a second more than necessary answering their tickets, considered it wasted effort.

Hi Jarland, i’m terribly sorry about the misunderstanding. I honestly thought it was an auto reply because the answers all appeared the same to me: “After migrating from WHMCS to HostBill the workload in front of me is incredible, and the inbound tickets threaten to take away most of my time otherwise spent working on that workload. For that reason, please expect my answers to be short and/or canned replies. If I’m not productive, I could introduce a crisis by failure to accomplish the most time sensitive work first.”

I now realise that that’s probably an email signature? and that you answered with a link as the very first line in your reply, which I completely missed.

My sincere apologies for this unfounded accusation. Very sorry!!