Email Filter / Forward

Hey Everyone,

I have searched and seen multiple topics on setting Email filters, but I can not find the feature on the dashboard.

Forward one email from one specific address to another external address.

I have an ecommerce store / procurement system that import product feeds and updates prices / stock levels.
For some reason, this company has stopped supporting sending product feeds directly to my account email (with the software company) - I have been arguing with them all day.
They will only send to customers email addresses (eye roll).

I need to forward the product feed email (with 1.5mb txt file attachment) automatically to my feed account email.

I want a filter to specifically find this one email from my supplier and forward automatically. with subject: Datafeed from blah blah
send to myemail@softwareco.blah
Email found in inbox marketing@mydomain.blah

Is filters still a feature with MXRoute or have I missed the boat?

Any help would be most appreciated.


On direct admin servers, the filters are found in RoundCube webmail client, or directly using Sieve.

Where can I find “Sieve”?
I can’t see it in the dashboard.

I use CrossBox as my webmail application.
Can the conditional forward be performed from there or does it have to be Round Cube?

Keep in mind that when you use a filter to forward, which is the only way to do a conditional forward, it spoofs the sender and doesn’t use SRS. This could cause rejection at the recipient provider.

What if you do a conditional forward to a forwarder (which in turn forwards externally)? :sweat_smile:

I believe Sieve is exposed to Sieve clients on port 4190.
And through ManageSieve in RoundCube filters.

As a fellow client that’s not using Crossbox much, I don’t know. But if the Crossbox filters offer redirect, it should work. Just check and see what you find … :innocent:

Just wanted to say thanks for the help everyone.

I setup the filters in CrossBox and everything is work as expected!


Thanks Jarland.
I saw your recent blog post on the site about SRS.

I will get tech support to monitor the inbox and make sure it isn’t being rejected.

Of worthy note: Crossbox filters are client side. Just like if you, for example, configured a filter in your copy of Thunderbird. It would stop filtering when you closed Thunderbird. Crossbox may be hosted on our servers and may very well execute those filters when you close it (because it has been developed to keep sessions open to process things like this). However, it is still an external piece of software waiting for the input and then processing it. If you configure them in our Roundcube (server name/webmail) under Settings > Filters, you are configuring them at the top level of our mail server. These are processed by the same software that accepts the email into our server. Huge difference, not subject to theoretical delays of a mail client polling for new mail and then filtering.