Email Client Setting for IMAP

I’m trying to set up an account in Thunderbird for email access.
I am getting an error message from TBird regarding the setting for Outgoing
It says does not use encryption. Then goes on to talk about the subject and ask if I understand the risk and want to ignore them.
Is there something I should fix or do differently in the setup section?

It’s possible that you let thunderbird try to auto configure the settings and that it failed. Try manually configuring and setting the SMTP and IMAP server to the server given in the “Important Account Information” email. In your case I believe that would be

I found the “Important Account Information” email and you were right. Once I did the manual config in TBird with the info in that email for server and ports everything worked without any further errors.
Just thought I’d mention this to close the loop and for people looking in the future.

Correct - Hopefully I can find that email :grinning: