Email address on subdomain and parent domain


I was wondering if it is possible to have email address on a subdomain and the parent domain. I have tried using the subdomain manager but that does not allow email addresses to be created in the subdomain. Adding the subdomain as a new domain seems to create ok but generates a different DKIM key and both DKIM for the parent and subdomain have the same x._domainkey value and thus I assume I can’t have the both active of the domain.

I seem to be on the new non cpanel system.




I suspect that you are not overly familiar with how DNS works. Please let me explain.

I am going to use domain.tld and subdomain.domain.tld as the two ‘domains’.

When you enter your DKIM key, you will enter one as


and the other as


So, no, there is no issue here really. As they are two completly different records on two different subdomains.

The real issue is exactly HOW to enter the record with your specific DNS provider.

Thanks, I just want to confirm if we use the sub domain tool or register it as a new domain, so thanks for answering that. I shall set up the subdomain as a domain. I didn’t want to risk a ban for not having dkim set up correctly.

I do have a fair understanding of dns, but the email specific side of things is fairly new to me. Thanks.