roundcube not working


I was trying to setup a new mail domain (according to but can’t seem to get things working (I’ve done this before on a handful of other domains without any problem).

Next, I noticed that roundcube is not responding on

Not sure if those are related, but at least something appears to be not functioning as expected…


Web server was having issues for a while, it seems. :slight_smile:

And things are working again :slight_smile:
Got the domain setup and roundcube is responsive as well.

If you have any idea what was causing this I would be curious to know.
If not, we’ll just call it a glitch :wink:

I think it’s prefork Apache being prefork Apache. It sounds easy to get rid of but when you factor in our custom virtual host templates in DA and the need for mod_rewrite, the solution becomes a bit more hazy. I was putting open litespeed on servers experiencing this but the last two attempts failed spectacularly and I haven’t revisited it yet. I’ll see what I can do.