Domain suspended - only 1 test email sent

Hi, my emails hosted on [safari mxrouting net] have stopped working. SMTP is not working (authentication error) and when I try to click on the login button of an email address from directadmin, I get this error:

Cannot open the password file for reading
/etc/virtual/ mydomain com/passwd : Unable to get Lock on file:
open error for /etc/virtual/ mydomain com/passwd.lock: No such file or directory
/etc/virtual/ mydomain com/: No such file or directory
That pop account doesn’t exist

  • (Please note: in the error message I replaced the actual domain with "mydomain com

In details, this is a new domain, very recently bought for a new project. Only one test email has been sent since I’m using SMTP in a new WordPress website for transactional email and the website is still in development (in coming soon mode).

Looking in Directadmin I fount that the domain is suspended. But this doesn’t make sense, since only a test email was sent a few days ago! The log is empty, why the domain has been suspended in my Mxroute account?

We don’t suspend domains (at least not intentionally). Check the bandwidth you allowed it when you added the domain, it could have been a small number and immediately exceeded it (DirectAdmin was build for web hosting). Domain suspension is a reseller privilege that you have and can control.

In Domain Setup at the user level, put a check next to the domain and there’s a suspend/unsuspend button.

Yes, it was a 0 bandwidth allocation. Solved, thank you :slight_smile: