Does it matter if it's TTL 3600 vs TTL 14400

Hello, I’m new and I have the following question:

During my setup, I followed this youtube tutorial: and there’s a step that says to setup DKIM keys

My MXroute records showed my DKIM keys with TTL 3600 while it shows TTL 14400 in the video. In my website’s cPanel, I also noted that TTL is shown as 14400 for all the records.

Do I need to change the TTL in my MXroute records to 14400? OR do I leave it as it is and use TTL 3600 as well when I add the txt record in my website’s DNS records?

Thank you!

It’s just a timer value, used by people referencing your DKIM record (and any other records), to indicate how long they should hang on to the answer they get. It’s a trade off between people persisting with stale data even after you’ve changed it, vs frequent visits to your name server to recheck.

It’s common practice to use a small value (e.g. 600) during setup and testing, in case you need to make corrections, then bump it up to a larger value once everything is stable and working to reduce load. Unless you have very high levels of traffic, 1 hour (3600) vs 4 hours (14400) isn’t going to make any real difference.