Do you offer trials?

Do you offer a trial so that we can test the service before purchasing?

Due to the exceptionally high demand for MXroute accounts, we are not prepared to offer any type of trial at the moment. Please make sure that you know what you are purchasing beforehand, and that you have read over our policy.

I am wanting to find an email service that will allow me to get control over my scattered email life.
Read your comment above when trying to figure out if this is the place.
Can you point me to the place or places here that spell out exactly what your service does and give me some clues as to it’s capabilities and limitations?

Hey @Steve_S!

For the most part we’re “what you see is what you get.” Our product has gone through phases and at different times new customers have seen new product that older customers were not able to see (new platforms, incompatible back-end software for migration, etc). For this reason, I try to limit what I promise to the basics that have remained a common thread through our product development. What I promise is simply email with the basic protocols (SMTP, IMAP, POP), the ability to create filters, a webmail client, and unlimited domains / email users, and a control panel where you can manage these things.

If you want to see a bit more of the product experience right now, these tutorials are given to new customers and it might help you to know what you would be getting into as a customer: