Do some servers still use Spamassassin and not Rspamd?

I just rented a server from you guys today morning and had a blast setting it up. I’m on lucy with the $25/year reseller plan (Which, btw, I have to say is a steal. I don’t know how you guys make money but I pray to God you guys keep doing so).

Is this server still supposed to be using using spamassassin and not rspamd? I checked the email headers of a mail I received and I saw this:

X-Spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 3.4.4 (2020-01-24) on

I thought all servers had been migrated: is this a holdover or is it deliberately on SA instead of rspamd?

Thanks for your answer in advance!

Glad to have you!

Good question. I do need to get rspamd deployed on there. I’ll get that pushed by end of day.

That’s great to hear, and heartening to see that you guys are so on top of things. Is there any sort of native access given to the rspamd interface, or is one expected to configure it through Direct Admin like the current spamassassin setup?

It’s the spamassassin settings in DirectAdmin, and it continues to call it that even after setting up rspamd. The only difference is I’d say start with lower scores for moving email to spam folders to test it out afterward. Well that and it works a little better (not perfect, spammers are better than open source filters today).