Do I need to delete any MX records or TXT records after setting up MXroute?

Now that emails will be sent and received from my newly setup MXroute emails, are there any files I have to delete since I was previously sending and receiving emails from the email I setup in A2 hosting (where my website is hosted at)? i.e Is there a need to delete the default DKIM and MX records that were setup when I was sending and receiving emails from my emails by A2 hosting?

Like this:
And do I need to change TTL from 14400 to 3600 since that was the number given for my DKIM setup?

In addition, I previously setup my autoresponders using the details provided by A2 hosting. I can see SRV records with the following:
Priority: 0
Weight: 0
Port: 2080

Again, do I need to change anything now that I’m using MXroute to send and receive emails?

Thank you!

DKIM no, it’s used for sending, and software may well still send directly from your webserver. MX yes, it’s used for receiving so definitely remove old records not pointing to MXRoute. If you do send email direct off your webserver, and had an SPF record previously, it would worth merging the contents with the MXRoute version, you must NOT have 2 SPF(TXT) records.

You don’t show what service the SRV records refer to but they will likely be redundant now.

As for MX records, is this what you mean?

Thank you!

Yes, priority 0 will make that the preferred delivery destination if available, only using MXRoute as a fallback.

Thank you very much Phil! So right now, I have the following SPF records:


How should I merge them?

As for the SRV records, since they are redundant, does it matter if I just leave them alone? :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

Firstly, note is completely separate from as far as mail is concerned, it needs its own sets of records. You have one SPF record for (good), 3 for (bad).

Looks like you’ve historically had a bit of a misconfiguration, e.g. someone receiving a message from you via Mailjet will check your SPF record to see if that’s an authorised route, and it’s a bit of a lottery as to whether they get the record that says yes.

I would read this

In essence you need ONE SPF record for starting “v=spf1 " ending " ~all” (tilde rather than minus, unless you’re sure) and containing a space separated list of the other elements from all the other records, including the example from MXRoute. No duplicates, only one all, and the +'s are default/redundant +mx is effectively the same as plain mx.

I can’t be sure about how the SRV records were used, I would leave them.

Thanks a lot for the kind explanation!! Working on it!!