DKIM record not registering

My DKIM doesn’t seem to register as working at the dns checkers.

I followed these instructions exactly:

I did what’s in the video:

I did the troubleshooting:

Here are my DNS settings in Cloudflare.

Any idea why DKIM refuses to register?

From :

Note in the video below that we removed the quotations at the beginning and the end. This is because Cloudflare automatically adds them, and leaving them results in two sets of them which breaks DKIM.

Yes, I made sure to remove the quotation marks.

Jarland to the rescue once again!

Thank you my friend. I will now only use “x” as the selector from now on. Tested the domains I had it on using ‘x’ only, and they’re all good now.

Have a great holiday and even better 2021 Jarland.

Looks good now. Also on that page you were using to test it, only input “x” as the selector. The ._domainkey is already assumed so if you input “x._domainkey” it’ll check “x._domainkey._domainkey”