DKIM instructions to support new beta webmail?

The new webmail at looks like it’s hosted centrally and not on each individual server. It’s a great service, but mail being sent from it seems to not respect previously DKIM records generated on each individual server.

Is there a DKIM record for the server that I can add to DNS to allow outgoing email to work more easily?

And, yes, I know DKIM is optional and most people don’t use it, I’m just a stickler for internet standards even if I’m a minority.

Great question!

Crossbox will not alter whether or not the email is signed by DKIM, as this is not an action completed by the email client. The exim instance on the server will sign the email headers on the way out (and the outbound email does go through that same path). I just tested to confirm that Crossbox is not causing any conflict with this.

But, is it Exim on the crosstalk webmail server that sends the mail, or is it the Exim instance on the server that actually holds the mail?

For instance, I’m assigned to Eagle. When I send mail through an IMAP/SMTP client, everything works great. When I use and send an email, the DKIM signature is invalid according to a report I just checked.

Think of Crossbox as being like Thunderbird or Outlook, only it intelligently chooses the back-end server from our list of servers. So if you’re on Eagle it should be connecting to the SMTP server on Eagle with the credentials that you provide and sending mail through it. While Crossbox is capable of running an MTA, it doesn’t do that in our stack.

Feel free to message me here (Click my name) or on Slack and send me some samples. I prefer to mxtoolbox, never liked mxtoolbox much (designed to find irrelevant things to complain about rather than provide helpful info IMO).