DirectAdmin Messages: e-mail a copy of all messages

I am a very happy user (using the smallest reseller package), and I’m using MXroute on a daily basis without realizing it; which is a good thing.

In the DirectAdmin panel, while being logged in as Reseller, is a section “My messages” new messages regarding certificate renewal and other messages are being received. I would like to receive those message also on my e-mail address, so I’m aware of them. Under the section “Options” my e-mailaddress is provided, but I do not receive those messages in my inbox.

Is this feature of DirectAdmin not working, or am I missing something?

2020-11-26 _ My messages _ DirectAdmin 1.61.5

Thanks in advance if anyone knows the answer

I block these emails from leaving the server as they can get spammy, often have broken sender addresses, etc. It’s not a good function to have running against the IP reputation.

Okay, thanks for the swift clarification!