DirectAdmin Global Whitelist/Blacklist settings

Hi Just finish porting to mxroute , all is working fine, however looking for spam settings.

On global level(domain level for email ) ;
There are some email senders I don’t want tagged as spam or blocked, like newsletters we want to receive (but tagged due to sender poor implementation). Some spam that gets past filters and is annoying enough that it we blacklist it.

However, using directadmin, I unable to find global whitelist/black list settings, or any of the spam control settings. On hosts this would be found on whm/cpanel or nodeworx panel

On local level (individual email user);
this is found on the web client ie roundcube for other non mxroute email hosts. but the mxroute implementation of roundcube spam settings are not available.

For both am I not looking in the correct place or spam control/blacklist/whitelist not available.

The settings you are looking for are under ‘Email Manager’. @liteway

thanks I did realize it was called
“Rspamd Setup”