Did I lock myself out?

Our emails stopped working completely a couple days ago, about the same time I was trying to set-up a new device with one of the email addresses. I failed a few times, and now I think maybe our IP address is blocked? I cannot access anything on the mxroute site except the client area–not cPanel, nothing. What on earth do I do to resolve this? There doesn’t seem to be any way to contact a human being aside from this forum.

Hi, I’m a human!

We block your ip if you’ve made 100 failed login attempts. If you send me the ip and the server in a private message I can see if it’s blocked on the server.

You can also chat with us humans on slack if you want :grin:

Hahaha, Thanks! If it’s a hundred times, that’s unlikely to be it, then. I’ll figure out how to use the slack thing next. Thanks!