Default Domain Email not Receiving External Emails


I hope you all are well. I just now noticed that the email addresses associated with the default domain I am using for service, stopped receiving external emails back in April. I have not made any changes to any records and have this set up on the side where the domain is actually hosted.


Testing, I am able to send and receive between the two accounts. When I attempt to send email in from external email I have, I receive nothing. I have reviewed Message Tracking and it is saying emails are being rejected. This was an email I was actually waiting for and hence sprung about this investigation.


I will continue to dig in and your advise is greatly appreciated. I also will have to log in here periodically as the email address associated with this account is the one that is not receiving external emails.

Everything looks solid for it to be able to receive emails right now. The “rejected relay attempt” usually indicates that the domain in question is not configured to receive email on that server. This can either mean that it hasn’t been added to the server or that it was set to Remote Exchanger under Email Routing in cPanel. As of right now, I see that domain configured to receive mail on the server, and it’s MX record points there as well, so should be all set.

Thanks Jarland. I did some digging in the meantime and discovered a few posts you have regarding testing with to get reputation score up.

It indicated I had to add a few other TXT records where DNS is hosted, and once I did that, the mail started flowing again. I sincerely appreciate you taking a look.