Data loss recovery

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Do you have any way to recover deleted email?

MXroute has some disaster recovery backups, but they’re accessible to us users directly, as far as I know. :slight_smile:

The backups are replaced every day. They’re really only good for us to recover from data loss on our side, but not good for recovering from data loss that occurs on the user side. In the event of a failure on our side we expect that the next backup won’t be running to replace them. That would give us the window to use them to recover from a hardware failure.

thanks for your answer.
I am a client and user as well. How I am gonna get the disaster recovery? thanks

Ask nicely by support @ mxroute . com ticket, provide as much details about what you need as possible.

As it states in the Policy:
“Accounts are backed up frequently in case of hardware failure. Backups are not guaranteed and are provided as a courtesy.”