CrossBox Large Email Attachments Storage

Hello. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that sending an email attachment larger than 25MB automatically becomes a link when using CrossBox email, as explained here:

My question is, do the larger attachments count towards our storage quota in MXroute?

They should be stored in the home folder and counted against your quota, so long as it’s working as intended. A noteworthy addition though may be this: It’s not possible for that to count against the quota of the email address itself, so it’ll count against the account as a whole.

Ok thanks for clarifying. However the odd thing is I uploaded a few different files that are now viewable under My Files - Editor Uploads. Then when I refresh my disk space nothing changes. So it appears that it’s not counting towards my account as a whole storage.

Even when refreshing it isn’t known to be a very good real time metric. I believe it updates daily at best, but the DirectAdmin team may be able to clarify further on it as it’s their function.