Crossbox branded client after deleting admin


I’m having trouble with Crossbox branding after deleting my original email. I originally created a branded Crossbox client that had the host name Afterwards, I accidentally deleted the email, by removing my domain and adding it back, before deleting the branded Crossbox client.

Later when I recreated the and I logged back into, I didn’t see the old client under the Branding tab. Now, I when I try to create another branded Crossbox client with the old host name,, the form does not save. However when giving it another host name,, I successfully got a new Crossbox branded client.

When going to the old host name,, the old Crossbox client still shows up. Also, logging into on old Crossbox client,, only shows the new Crossbox client.

For my DNS settings, both subdomains target I tried deleting the CNAME record for, and waiting overnight before making it target again. However, still shows the old Crossbox client.

Is it possible to delete the old Crossbox client at

At this point the best thing to do will be to open the “Feedback” menu option in Crossbox and explain the situation as you have here.

Thanks! I just submitted a bug report in Crossbox.