Contact form error

I’m setting up a contact form on my website and I am getting an error when I try sending a message from it. The error states “Error sending email in SendMailMessage: Failure sending mail. Unable to connect to the remote server. An attemp was mae to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions”. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like your hosting provider might be blocking outbound SMTP connections on port 25. This is actually very common. You might ask if they’re able to unblock them. Alternatively, you could try port 2525 and see if that works.

Port 2525 works like a charm! I’m happy I found MXroute after GoDaddy decided to eliminate the email portion of their hosting plans. I had a hard time finding out how to get the contact form to work with GoDaddy years ago. Support was useless. I finally found the answer on StackOverflow. Thanks for all of the assistance, Jarland!