Connecting MXRoute IMAP/SMTP to Yahoo Mailbox

Hello all,

I am attempting to connect the Yahoo Mail App to retrieve mail from so that I can provide a user with a seamless inbox along side of their Yahoo mail. Yahoo only permits this action from the mobile app, not on their full desktop browser experience.

Yahoo posted direction here. (limited, but I can provide screen shots of what I see directly).

I enter my full email address user@domain.tld in the Yahoo screen, then I get to the next screen where it asks for the Server Settings.

I choose IMAP and complete their little form:

IMAP Address: imaps:// 993
SMTP Address: smtps:// 465

the preface of “imaps://” and “smtps://” is on their screen by default; I’ve tried multiple ways to input the details, both with and without the preface.

Once I hit submit, the process hangs. Yahoo offers no output error after any timeout period.

Can you check the logs to see if Yahoo is attempting to connect in some non-standard format or with some non-standard protocol? Or maybe you’re blacklisting their IP addresses? I have no other applications that fail, so I know this is not your issue (unless it’s an IP blacklist), I just need some insight so I know that I’m not going crazy.

Please PM me if you need my user ID that I’m connecting with.

Thank you very much.

I’m not seeing any Yahoo IPs coming across my screen in a log check for your 3 domains. I see a few password failures but those look like your residential IP. IP blocks look to be clear of anything I’d suspect of being an IP that they’d use for the connection.

Thank you for getting back to me.

I think the issue is with the Yahoo app and the Android phone’s “Accounts” . I was able to add a different domain using the same app with a new user.

Thanks again. I appreciate it very much.