Client Area and cPanel always log me out


Pls watch the attached video about the issue. I cant add a new domain or mailboxes because this issue.


Thank you for the video as that full context is nice to have. However I was unable to reproduce. Could you try from a different web browser and let me know if the problem persists? My theory is that a browser extension is interfering, but I’m uncertain at which point that may be.

Hi Jarland,

Unfortunately the issue persist on another browsers too.
I have tried: Chrome, Chrome incognito, Brave, Brave Incognito, Firefox and Firefox incognito.
On some point the dashboard logs me out or the cpanel.

I had some issue viewing the video on mobile, but from the picture it looks like it’s the portal/client area you’re logging in to.

What if you login directly on your server? Since you say cPanel, that would be https://<your-mxroute-server>:2083
(Maybe you did in the video, I don’t know.) :slight_smile:

I’m afraid that taps me out of ideas. The software and cPanel are entirely separate and store login sessions individually, meaning it would need to have two separate causes to be server side.

Factoring in a lack of similar reports that continue after asking users to test different browsers (considering an occasional report to be acceptable especially if not reported again after initial troubleshooting step) and an inability to reproduce the issue, I’m left only to conclude that client-side is the only reasonable assumption I can make.

If you believe I’ve made a logic error and have any suggestions for my next action, I’m always open to ideas.

Tried. It logs me out at some point too.

It would seem weird that it could be your account being special somehow, so I would try:

  1. Using a cell phone or something (different device/OS)
  2. Different network (4G/LTE, VPN etc.)

And combinations of the above to try to nail down if it might be network/firewall/proxy or OS/network stack … Just my five cents … :slight_smile: