Checkout does not support .ml domains

I cannot register a new reseller account using a .ml domain.
You might want to look into that.

With reseller accounts and branding, can I change the master domain later?

That is something that will needed to be checked in the billing software WHMCS. They seem to not have a lot of TLD’s listed in their database. I’ll be glad when there is an alternative! In the mean time you can simply use another domain as the domain used in ordering is mainly cosmetic. Staff can change it later in the billing area if you wish. So my recommendation would be to use rather than when purchasing your new account.

Please note, this domain will be added to your account as the main domain, but that is not an issue. Simply add the .ml domain and then delete the .com fake domain.

Yes, but it may not be a simple matter if the ‘master domain’ you wish to change to later is a domain that you have been using within a user account. If it is a new domain at that time, there will be no issues. Honestly, the ‘master domain’ is not a major issue on accounts using the DirectAdmin control panel as it was before with the cPanel control panel.

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I’ve added .ml domains to the billing portal.