Changing the reseller service provider

I want to change the reseller service provider. Both service providers are mxroute reseller service provide. What procedure do I need to perform?

The service provider who provides us bought reseller plan from you. We want to reject that service provider and buy reseller plan from mxroute. So I want to know the procedure without losing the mail accounts that we are using now.

As with any service in a free market economy, you are entitled to shop around and choose the best service provider for your needs. Whether the issue be price, or customer service - every independent provider will be different in some aspects of their customer relations.

When you have an existing relationship and wish to move on to a different provider, your obligation is to complete the term of your existing agreement with that provider and then repurchase with a new provider after cancelling with the existing provider. Oftentimes, this is simple, but with internet hosting services this becomes more complicated as there are (such as in your case) existing accounts that must be dealt with.

Dealing with hosting is not like dealing with long distance carriers or electric providers. You cannot simply say that I don’t like the service from Provider A so I want to switch to Provider B, expect to make one phone call and automagically it will be switched.

What you CAN do is to seek out a different provider, whether it be G-Suite, Tutanota, Fastmail, MXRoute, or a different MXroute reseller, but you will be responsible for your data. None of the providers mentioned will simply move your data for you. It is your responsibility. So, that said, if you want to select a different provider, that is your right and you are free to do so. But, you will have to do the legwork of migrating the data from the old provider to the new.

Now, if you are asking MXroute to simply move your account from one provider to another, that is VERY unlikely to happen as that would undermine the trust of all resellers in MXroute. MXroute would be exposing itself to a potential lawsuit if it took one of my clients and gave them to a different reseller. So, again, it is very unlikely that what you are seeking will happen. You will need to ‘lose the mail accounts that you are using now’ and migrate to a different provider of your choice. Whichever that provider may be.

May I ask, why is it that you want to change resellers? Is there a problem with your current provider? Or did you simply discover that you could get the service less expensively by going to the source?

I would imagine that in extreme cases, such as a provider being unresponsive for a period of time, or going out of business, MXroute would intervene. I certainly would hope that this would be the case if I disappeared off the face of the earth - I would want my clients to be taken care of.

I will also state, as a reseller of MXroute, that if MXroute should choose to go down this slippery slope and allow clients of existing resellers to be simply be allowed to be moved to another reseller on a whim OR to be allowed to become resellers themselves, that they would be setting a dangerous precedent for their company. Reseller services should be limited to bona fide web development agencies, ISP’s, web hosting providers, etc. There is a reason that our economy works on a wholesale/retail model.

Oh, just one comment regarding migration of accounts. MXroute has not and does not provide this service. That is one area that us resellers come in. We have the knowledge and the tools to migrate your service. This is an example of one of the value-added services resellers offer. So this is another reason to not expect MXroute to simply move your account to a different reseller.

So, it would be interesting to know why you are seeking to ‘reject that service provider and buy reseller plan from MXroute’. Care to elaborate @thuta ?

In that case you’d have to sign up for a new account with us and manually migrate your data / set up your accounts on your own. We don’t want to make it too easy for people to purchase from our resellers, have the reseller help them get set up, and then switch over to us to save a few dollars. Our resellers are generally able to offer a higher tier of managed support than we are.

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