Cannot use for webmail?

I haven’t generally used webmail very much as I usually just use email clients, however today I tried logging into my account via mail[dot]mxlogin[dot]com into a couple of my accounts however I was unable to. Now I’m certain this has worked in the past and my password manager still associates mail[dot]mxlogin[dot]com as a valid address for logging into those accounts.

When trying to login to mail[dot]mxlogin[dot]com it spends a solid minute on “Logging you in securely…” before failing with a “domain does not exist in the database”. Accessing via the admin panel still works okay, but it is somewhat more cumbersome as it involves jumping through multiple pages.

(I have replaced dots in urls with [dot] as the forum complains about having too many links in my post as a new user).

If you are on the Banshee server, it has been removed. The options, until I migrate hardware, were either excessive downtime or the removal of Crossbox. I picked the latter.

I wild guess is that you could, but you’d have to do the migrating/imapsync manually … :sweat_smile: Only @Jarland can tell, I guess … :slight_smile:

Is it possible to switch servers by chance? A small window of email downtime wouldn’t be a particular killer for me.