Can send email but can't receive any email


I’m moving my domain email from web hosting but keep website on there. So I setup a new email (the same email account) on MXroute and able to send some emails with good delivery on gmail and aol. But when those emails replied, I can’t get the replied email on MXroute. I can’t get the replied email on my original email host either.

I setup MX on the domain as below:

DNS Manager

Is there anything else I need to setup on DNS Manager?


If you check your MX records from an external perspective, like, do the results reflect what you have in your screenshot? If not, that screenshot is probably from a location that isn’t the authority over your DNS.

Thanks. OK I add 2 MX records on hosting panel (I add MX records on registrar earlier). I can see 2 newly added MX records now on whatsmydns.

Do I need to delete the first MX record with priority 0?

cPanel - Zone Editor

Yeah you’ll want to take that one out.

It’s work now.

Thanks for great support.

You can use Imapsync to migrate your emails - the online version at allows you to migrate a mailbox of up to 3 GB in size free of charge.

Can we retrieve old emails on the hosting server and imported to MX route?

Thank you @tboorman Works like a charm

Now I can start migrating my domain emails account into MX Route and consolidate all email accounts here.