Can I use a different subdomain?

My “mail” subdomain is in use by my postfix relay (which I do not want on mxroute). Is it possible to use a separate subdomain without breaking anything on your end? e.g. ?

I tried editing zones on cpanel to add awesomemail, and got this error:
Error: Your hosting provider must enable the “Zone Editor (AAAA, CAA, SRV, TXT)” feature to add or modify cPanel-generated records. Currently, only the “Zone Editor (A, CNAME)” feature is enabled for your account.

What exactly are you trying to achieve?

You just answered me in chat, but I’ll recap our conversation here in case someone is searching:

I was hoping to avoid using mail.domain, as it’s already in use for my postfix relay. If we could just use our mxlogin subdomain that would be perfect

You answered:

Ok, then simply DO NOT use It is not required at all in any way. It is an OPTION if you want to use a custom domain. No more.

Louis answered:
Pointing it elsewhere breaks nothing, but it’s hardcoded to So it’s not possible to change.

Thank you all for the help, I’m just going to use my mxlogin subdomain for sending as it works perfectly.

Of worthy addition to the previous answer:

You can actually make any subdomain into a CNAME to our server and then use that for IMAP, POP, or SMTP without issue. The only issue arises when making a secure connection, as the mail subdomain is hard coded for the use of exim/dovecot for SNI functionality. If making an insecure connection, you wouldn’t notice any of it. There are use cases for making insecure connections, which is why I mention it.