Can I setup wildcard email filters

Hello, how should I setup an email filter where:

  1. All subject titles that contain the word “domain”
  2. Sender email address doesn’t contain “” OR “

will result in a certain action?

Does MXroute support wildcards for email filters? How should I set it up?
Please advise, thank you!

I would guess not as that might not have the reaction you intend in a place where regex is accepted. This is what is used for filters: Pigeonhole (

But you wouldn’t need a wildcard anyway if you’re using “contains” as the logic. Contains means it could have other things, but also has that which you type. Just keep in mind that these filters are extremely literal. I would say with confidence that 100% of “filter not working” reports are due to customers not understanding the logic that they’ve created and how it’s applied to the emails. It also isn’t subject to change or iteration unless done by the Dovecot team, so you won’t identify a point of potential confusion where we might change something to compensate.