Can I oversell disk space with a reseller account?

Let’s say I purchase a reseller package with 150GB of storage. If I sell packages with 10GB storage each, I can only make 15 users before I’ve allocated all 150GB of the storage I purchased. Does that mean that I can’t create any more users after that 15?

You can oversell disk space as much as you like. While only having 150GB of storage to use, you could still create as many accounts, with as much or little storage limit as you desire. The only limitation exists when your customers collectively use 150GB of actual usage.

When we’re selling service to regular end-users, we usually sell until a server is at 50% utilization, and then we stop. That gives plenty of room for growth, as our servers are usually quite large. That still ends up being anywhere from 300% to 500% overselling, which is actually, and consistently, a lot safer than you would think.