Can anyone login to Mail panel?


I cannot login to

And i could not receive any emails.

Can anyone let me know if you can login?



It’s working now after more than 20 hours lol!

Thanks team!

Looks like an issue with your DNS resolvers, as it claimed the host name couldn’t be resolved. Either you’re running a faulty DNS server or your ISP had issues. In this case were it a problem on our side, more than 20,000 end users would have been down. We’d definitely have had more than one report.

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thanks @Jarland!
So whenever i update password, devices using old info will likely cause account blocking right

Aye if they hammer away at it with bad passwords, that will happen.

Everything’s working probably for months, and this occurred :slight_smile:
Thanks for letting me know @jar
It’s great to know it’s still working!

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Doesn’t look like there was an outage/incident, so might have been an IP block.
(You can check in the portal.)

Status page might be helpful:

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It can’t be an IP block in this case as I originally thought. In the screenshot it says it can’t find the IP. That only means DNS resolution failure.

hi @Jarland! I updated the password for my email accounts & now i cannot login to!
not sure if multiple devices try to use old password to authenticate & my account is blocked again?
Please have a look!


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it might be the case, what i’m not sure is why it’s working for months and now suddenly my ip was blocked? Could it be some mail clients keep sending wrong authentication info?

Jar is probably right as the other 20k users are still ok, so sth happened that caused it without me knowing it.

But thanks for the info anyway @flips