Bulk Email Alias/Forwarder Setup

I’m moving my email from dreamhost for reference.

I use a rather large number of email alias/forwarders (>100). I can easily get a text list with each line being “forwardaddress@domain account@domain”. Is there any way to easily add these forwards in bulk?

The add forwarder tab in the panel works fine for adding individual forwards. There is a legacy mode tab which I think might permit bulk adds, but can’t find any information on how it wants information formatted.

Is there any way to easily add a bunch of forwards at once?

Great question!

I can’t think of a great way for a user to add these in bulk with DirectAdmin. The API doesn’t seem to support it so you can’t just loop through that.

If you get me a list in the correct format, one for each domain that you will need it on (each domain has it’s own alias file), I can add it manually. Here’s a look at the format:

I created a forwarder for test@jarland.me to jarland@gmail.com:

test: jarland@gmail.com

You can reach me on chat.mxroute.com and you’d be able to upload files to me privately there.

What is the format for an alias going to two different mailboxes? I’d like test@example.com to go to both boxes: mike1 and mike2. Would it be:

test: mike1,mike2