Blocked when received by

Please help
when i sent email to my client, always: dropped. Blocked in mxrouting
Please see attached and help

After reviewing the logs, I have determined that this looks to be working as intended. “Generating leads” and sending them “email campaigns” is just alternative language for spam. If your customer desires to receive this email, they’ll need to whitelist the address. They can reach out to us if they have any further questions.

At this stage it may be best to email support @ mxroute[.]com.

thank for your answer. My client use email domain: and
Please add this to whitelist

I ran through the logs in search of an email originating from Sendgrid that was recently blocked to that domain. I only came up with one answer: A “lead generating” service that specializes in identifying and mailing “leads.” This loosely translates to “Unsolicited marketing email” and that’s why I consider the block to be working properly.

Your client will need to add you to their whitelist if they want to receive email from you. If they’re not sure how, they will need to contact us. It would be inappropriate for me to see what looks to me like spam, and then whitelist the sender so that my customer receives it in opposition to my efforts to prevent spam from reaching them.

Hi, please help

This status: DROPPED (Bounced Address) , not spam. I think that only whitelist for “spam” status.
And please see in image "blocked " - Received by vs Sendgrid - Processed.

thank for your reply.
i login mxroute and see banner (attached): connection dropped
dropped 02
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