Block Spam Emails from .online domains

Hi, I have a lot of spam mails lately coming from *.online domains.

Is there any way to block or move them all to the Junk folder?

I am using DA plan.

Thank you a lot!

You can create sieve filters in our Roundcube under Settings > Filters. Important to note that our Roundcube is the one at (ex. is the one for Arrow server) and not the one built into Crossbox (at This controls server side filters that run at the time of delivery.

You can use regex in those as well. I’m not the best person to give advice on what that might look like, but @flips is decent at it.

It’s really important to remember that these filters are very literal. Some people make a filter that says something like:

From header ends with “.online”

Then wonder why it doesn’t work. Then I look at the headers and find this:

From: <>

And you see the reason that filter fails is because it doesn’t end with .online, it ends with .online> instead.

Thank you a lot! I will give it a try!

I’ve done a few custom filters myself, and used regex like @Jarland recomended. They work well, but be sure to follow the guides exactly since they are indeed precise.

Check out the guide here, it has virtually any command you’d need:

Here’s an example:

if header :contains “from” “coyote” {
} elsif header :contains [“subject”] ["$$$"] {
} else {
fileinto “INBOX”;