not connecting on all devices

Atempting to connect to email @ which is returing an error on web/phone/email client. Is this server down/still functioning?

Thank you very much once again. It really is such a breath of fresh air dealing with you and the team on here. Incredibly helpful and quick responses. Keep up the good work guys.

Thx for the quick reply. Just tested with TOR browser - same result however on mobile data via phone it appears to work. Any idea what the cause of this sudden problem could be?

Everything seems to be functioning on that server from here. Is it possible you’ve made so many incorrect attempts that you have blocked yourself? Check from a different network, using mobile data, vpn, tor, or whatever to confirm.

The likelihood of a TOR exit node being listed on one of a few blacklists we use at the firewall level are pretty high. I agree with Alento, sounds like your IP is blocked for login failures. You’re welcome to check it here but it’s hit or miss whether this actually works even if it is blocked:

Also if you’re using a VPN on your connection, these companies routinely block email ports or only open them to certain end points on request, so make sure you’re not on a VPN when testing.

Last option is message me via or with an IP address you suspect of being blocked and I’ll check the logs.